Learn more about Mobile Hotspot and Phone as Modem add-on changes

Starting June 2012, and effective on your next bill, your phone or tablet's Mobile Hotspot on-network data allowance will be limited to 5 GB. Your May or June invoice includes a message about the timing of this change. Please see below for details.

What's new?

If you have a Mobile Hotspot add-on for your phone or tablet or a Phone as Modem add-on:
1. A monthly 5GB of 3G and/or 4G data allowance will apply while on the Sprint network and display on your next bill. This 5GB is in addition to your phone or tablet plan's monthly on-network data usage.
2. You have the option to receive notifications from Sprint as you approach the monthly 5GB on-network data allowance. See Additional Use Notifications for enrollment instructions.
3. If you choose to continue using above the monthly 5GB on-network allowance, additional data usage charges of 5¢/MB will apply.
3G and/or 4G On-Network Data Usage
Monthly Data Allowance separate from phone/tablet data plan allowance Additional
on your bill
Data usage notifications via text and/or email*
Mobile Hotspot add-on, for Phones 5GB 5¢/MB Yes Yes
Mobile Hotspot add-on, for Tablets 5GB 5¢/MB Yes Yes
Phone as Modem add-on 5GB 5¢/MB Yes Yes
* See Additional Use Notifications for enrollment instructions.

What's not changing?

Your monthly charge for Mobile Hotspot or Phone as Modem add-on service.
If your phone plan contains Unlimited data, you will continue to enjoy Unlimited data usage on your phone while on the Sprint network.
Your off-network roaming data usage is a combination of Mobile Hotspot or Phone as Modem and phone or tablet and monthly data allowance stays the same: 300 MB for phones and 100 or 300 MB for tablets depending on your tablet plan. Additional off-network roaming data for tablets is 25¢/MB. Tablet customers will continue to receive off-network data usage notifications.

Additional use notifications

As you approach your data allowance, you have the option to receive notifications from Sprint.

Here's how to enroll to receive usage notifications:
1. Visit sprint.com/mysprint
2. Select the My preferences tab
3. In the My address section, click Email
4. Under Account notifications, add or edit your email address
5. Under Security & usage notifications, add or edit your email address or to receive text alerts, select Send me a text message instead
      Make sure all your account information stays up to date

While on the Sprint network, Sprint will provide account level notifications after:
You reach 75% and 90% of your monthly data allowance.
You reach 100% of your monthly data allowance.
  -In addition, the device using the Mobile Hotspot or Phone as Modem service will be presented a web page where you can choose to continue using data while on the Sprint network, accepting the 5¢/MB charges that apply.
    -Or, you can choose to take no action and the service will be suspended until the end of the bill cycle, avoiding any additional data charges.
If you choose to continue service and accept additional data charges, the account holder will be notified of this confirmation. Then, account level notifications will continue at 20% increments above the 5GB on-network monthly data allowance.

Important mobile hotspot data usage charges information

How to help avoid additional usage charges from phone or tablet data usage when Mobile Hotspot or Phone as Modem is on:
When the Mobile Hotspot or Phone as Modem add-on is turned on, all data used on your phone or tablet in addition to other connected Wi-Fi-capable devices will be counted toward your 5GB monthly data allowance while on the Sprint network and additional data usage charges will apply for all.
One way to reduce the likelihood of reaching your monthly data allowance and avoid additional charges is to turn off your Mobile Hotspot when you are not connected to other Wi-Fi-capable devices. While Mobile Hotspot is turned off, your usage will pull from your primary data plan monthly data allowance.

4 ways to check your usage

1. On the web:
-Visit sprint.com/mysprint
  -Sign-in to My Sprint. Scroll down to the phone or tablet you're looking for and click the See all usage link next to it. If you are a business customer, follow the same steps OR run a usage report in Enhanced Account Manager.
2. Text 'usage' to 1311
3. Dial *2 on your phone
4. Check your bill

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